In the Gospels, Jesus shows great affection towards children. In Matthew, he says “unless you turn from your sins and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom.” In her wonderful book, Faith Like a Child, our friend Lacy Borgo writes, “Our first and most natural inclination as children is to connect with God in deeply uniting and often ordinary ways.” In this series, we are asking how have we left these childhood aspects of ourselves behind. And more importantly, how can we get them back so we might once again attach to God with faith like a child?

Week 1: Our Image of God
This week, Lacy Borgo was here to guide us in considering our image of God including the wonder and wound of our childhood. As we seek to deepen our attachment to God, Lacy invites us into a three step practice: notice, run to Jesus, and look around.

Kingdom Practice

In our gathering, we received a small journal to carry with us this week. As we go about your day, let’s pay attention for the moments when, in Lacy’s words, “our default image of God is rung.” Notice when your wound is touched, when you are feeling afraid, anxious, or in pain? When you find yourself in these moments, can you run to Jesus with all you have? And then look around for the presence of God.

Week 2: Childlike Curiosity
This week, we considered the role curiosity plays in our childlike faith. Curiosity invites us into deeper relationship and encourages us to live in the freedom of not having everything figured out.

Kingdom Practice
This week, let’s cultivate a life of curiosity by soending time each day noticing the questions we have for God and spending time asking the question. We encourage you to use your journal and perhaps even draw out your question with your non-dominant hand.

Week 3: Childlike Play
This week, Kirsten Hitchcock gtaught us about the formational role of childlike play. Play ushers us into the freedom of Christ and invites us to be with Jesus.

Kingdom Practice
In our practice, we considered how we might play this week. Our kingdom practice is simple. Let’s play in whatever way God is inviting us, and as we do, let’s be sure to pay attention and notice how Jesus is with us in our play.

Additional Resources

Faith Like a Child by Lacy Finn Borgo
Unfettered by Mandy Smith
Discovering Our Spiritual Identity by Trevor Hudson
Writing the Icon of the Heart by Maggie Ross
The Gift of Being Yourself by David Banner

If you have a story to share about how you have been encountering God in this season, we would love to hear it

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