In this gathering, we were joined by the wonderful poet Malcolm Guite. Malcolm invited us to consider how the Light of the World is writing us into existence. (The poems Malcolm used can be found in the resources below.)

Kingdom Practice
In our practice, we reflected on Malcolm’s poem “I AM the Light of the World.” If a particular light mentioned in this poem caputured your imagination, would you consider relfecting on it this week, perhaps you might even seek it out and soak it in. If one did not rise to the surface, I wonder if you might simply notice light as you go about your day. And as you notice it, could you see it as a reminder that you are not alone, that the Light of the World is walking with you?

Additional Resources
I AM the Light of the World
A Response to Psalm 139
Love’s Choice
O Sapientia

Lifting the Veil by Malcolm Guite
Sounding the Seasons by Malcolm Guite
Faith, Hope, and Poetry by Malcolm Guite
Angels Everywhere by Luci Shaw
The Wrestle by David Tensen
Devotions by Mary Oliver

Other Resources
Malcolm’s Blog
Malcolm’s YouTube page

Cosmos from Chaos: How can creativity help us and the world in unsettled times? a Renovare webinar with Luci Shaw and Andrew Peterson



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