Sunday night, we began a five-week journey of stillness and response. There is a temptation with the journey of formation to focus inward and remain there, but a wholistic experience of spiritual formation will always include an outward expression. Our formation is stunted if it does not result in us joining God’s redemptive work in the world. Jesus invites us to join this kingdom work, but he does not invite us to a life of constant activity and burnout.

How might we be present to God’s invitation to join the work of the kingdom and remain present as we join God’s work? This week, Father Michael Sparough shared the importance of both contemplation and activity, and he guided us in an outward Examen to help us cultivate a spirit of stillness as we discern and respond.

Kingdom Practices
This week, let’s continue to practice this outward Examen daily. We are certainly discerning how the Lord is inviting us to join his kingdom work, but let’s not discern and move on. Let’s stay with the Examen for at least this week. Let’s commit to stillness with the Lord as we cultivate a spirit of presence. You may use this podcast of the practice with Father Michael.